Philipina Bosch

Keller, D.D.S. Edward F. "Philipina Bosch." Emmons County Record, 24 November 2011, 15.

Philipina Bosch

Philipina Bosch, 90, passed away Oct. 26, 2011, at St. Vincent Care Center in Bismarck. She was born Feb. 1, 1921, on a farm six miles east of Linton. Her family were members during the 1930s of my rural Sacred Heart Church in our Rosenthal Community ten miles east of Linton, when I was a little boy. I can still see her family coming to church in their black Model T Ford with the top up, a big glass windshield, black side canvas covering that had small plastic-like windows, and one of her brothers driving. Her older grown brother, Fred Jr. was the “Schulmaster.” He played the church organ, led the Rosary and taught us kids catechism. Philipina’s farm was on Beaver Creek near Highway #13. Her rural school was close to her farm on Highway #13. My farm was three miles south of hers. From my house I could see the hill on which her school stood.

Philipina’s father, Fred Sr., was one of five brothers who came to Emmons County from Rosenthal Village in Crimea, Russia, about 1900. All five, Fred Sr., Anton, Ignatz, Andrew and George, settled on Beaver Creek east of Linton. They were stellar workers, persistent Germans from Russia, stout in structure and all except Ignatz had a large mustache. More of their Bosch cousins from Crimea, Russia, joined them on Beaver Creek… along with the Kelsches and the Horners. This group founded my Rosenthal Sacred Heart Parish. They were lovingly known as the Crimmers because they were from Crimea. The rest of us in our parish were called the Odessers because we were from Odessa, Russia. We both spoke a different German dialect. For example… to say “ don’t know” we Odesses said “Ich vas nit” and the Crimmers said “Ich ves net.” The 1925 Sacred Heart church report that went to the Bishop of Bismarck shows there were fifty registrants in our parish and eleven were named Bosch. As time went on Bosch names increased in Emmons County and surrounding areas.Todays Bismarck-Mandan phone book has over fifty Bosch names.

Philipina Bosch never married. After country school she stayed on the farm until she was 27, in 1948. She then went to Bismarck and worked as a cook for the F.W. Woolworth Store lunch counter. Eleven years later at age thirty-eight, she was promoted to the Southdale Woolworth Store in Minneapolis as a food manager. Two years later in 1961 she became a Woolworth food store supervisor. During the next twenty years Philipina traveled for Woolworth visiting and supervising food departments for Woolworth stores in Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Michigan. She also helped set up food departments in Iowa, Wisconsin and Montana. In all she worked thirty-five years for the Woolworth company and retired in 1983 to Bismarck.

Philipina loved farm animals… her kittens and dogs… and loved to cook and bake and work on her family tree… and traveled for pleasure. She was the last of the Fred Bosch Sr., and Magdalina (Goldade) family. Her siblings were Fred Jr., Pius, Stephen, Clemens, Katherine, Johanna and Anna. With only an eighth grade education Philipina’s inspiring story could be a book and a movie. Her shining obituary appeared in the October, 2011 issue of the Bismarck Tribune.

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