My Country School

Ruff, Donna."My Country School." Hazen Star. 29 September 2010, 7.

Here's a picture of the past submitted by Esther Benson. The picture was taken this summer during the Wittmier reunion. This is the Logan County German TWP District #3 school house. The location is 1/2 mile west of the Schuler homestead southwest of Streeter on the 'flat'. My brothers and I and the neighborhood children of Kaiser's, Kirschenmann's, Seeker's, Rudolph's, Dewald's and Bender's also attended and received some or all of their 8 years of grade school education.
This week I received an e-mail from Virginia Dockter, Bismarck 'thanking' me for the research I do for the Lehr column. She wrote: "I can tell you share the same background and stories as many of us do. It helps to read them and think of the past. I thank you for that". Virginia is a youngest daughter of Reinhold and Emma Wittmier family. Her parents farmed on the 'flat' south of the Opp farm. Her dad was also our county road maintainer for many years. He was very good at that job and was well respected by the neighborhood. The four Wittmier girls remember when they were young that they stayed overnight at the "Fred Schuler's'' during a March blizzard in the late forties. Jenny's sister, Esther, was my and my twin brother, Sarge and neighbor boys, Stanley Kaiser and LeRoy Kirschenmann third grade teacher, and another sister, Deloris Himmerich was our 4th. 5th, 6th, 7th grade teacher.

Another memory Virginia shared \\as when their family would go visiting on Sundav nights and if the neighbors were not home they would then of course have to drag everything to the front steps that was not tied down, just to let the people know that someone was there to visit. Of course they were told to 'aus-chtilla' (keep it quiet, it's a secret)

Jenny, 1 have a 'memory box' that I keep special correspondence, cards, pictures stored. This is so I can reminisce when I'm old about special memories of the past. Okay, the truth is I'm sort of a pack rat! Well I found this big brown envelope dated February 1, 1978. It contains 20 'thank you' letters that you and your Streeter 3rd and 4th grade students had written to me after a class project. My daughter, Stacy (Perman) Bad-er wrote: Dear Mom, thank you for your demonstration on heritage day. I enjoyed it very much. I hope you will do another demonstration soon. Your daughter, Stacy. Most of the students wrote: Dear Mrs. Perman, Thank you for giving us a demonstration on "how to braid a homemade rug". These are some of the cute additional statements written by your students: Stacia Schlecht wrote: I learned quite a bit. Someday I'll teach you how to make "bread bag" rugs. John Bonnet wrote: I wish you could make a homemade rug for our garage. Paul Vandeberghe wrote: I liked it when you twisted it together. Kris wrote: I liked the beautiful colors. How long does it take to make a rug? Angela Schrenk wrote: I liked the part when you sewed the rug. Becky Schuler wrote: It was nice of you to go through all that trouble for all of us. Amy Ni-enow wrote: 1 liked it best when you showed us how to braid because I'm going to have long hair. Maybe it will help me braid my own hair. Bobbie Jo Erbele wrote: 1 may make a small rug for myself. The other projects we had were quilt making and making noodles, but yours was the best. Perry Gienger wrote: 1 thought the demonstration was very interesting. I thought the rug was kind of big. but it was okay. Out of the mouth of babes. Other students who wrote were: Linda Dockter, Korey Kirschenmann. Robert Schrenk. Shawn Fisher, Meriita Miller. Richard Nenow, Merrily Harr. Kim Ketterling. Darnelle Morlock and Tim Erbele. How's that for a 32 year old memory of the past? Now I'll put the letters back in my 'memory box" and read them in another 32 years!!

Reprinted with permission of the Hazen Star.

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