Glenburn Club Finds German Food Filling and Delicious

Devlin, Tarah. "Glenburn Club Finds German Food Filling and Delicious." Minot Daily News, 30 April 2002, sec. 1D.

This year I have been very active part of the Glenburn German Club. I decided to join the German Club because my dad is in the military and we were one of the lucky ones to be sent to Germany. My family and I spent six years in Germany and we loved the people, traditions, and most importantly, the food.

A few months ago, our German Club decided to raise money so we could go to Jake's Spice and Spirit to get some good old-fashioned German-Russian food. Our goal was to raise $300 for everyone to go and eat, but we passed our goal by $200. Our efforts were rewarded by our teacher, Frau Crow, with some German chocolates and three gift certificates for restaurants in Minot.

Due to circumstances we couldn't control, we were unable to go to Jake's Spice and Spirit. So we decided to go to Del Jr.'s in Glenburn on April 30. Then due to conflicts with the track team, we had to reschedule the lunch to Wednesday, April 17. Two days before our big adventure to Del Jr.'s Frau Crow got us ready for the big meal by having us watch a video about German-Russian food.

Finally the time came on Wednesday that we ventured on foot, with empty stomachs, to Del Jr.'s. Upon arriving at the diner, we were stopped outside to take a picture. After the picture we all raced into the diner to find a spot where we would soon be served the highly anticipated food.

When we first arrived, we sat down at a placemat, which we had decorated the day before, and started eating Knoefla soup and salad. After eating the soup and salad we were served the main dish we had picked weeks before. The choices were of a meat pastry, or Fleischkuegle, and pigs in the blanket or Hemmorole.

The dish I had chosen was the meat pastry. It was very good and filling. It was so good it left many people asking for seconds. After everyone ate his or her main dish we were given a piece of German chocolate cake for dessert. Even though so many of us were full by that time, we managed to eat the cake.

The ladies at Del Jr.'s were very pleasant and extremely sweet to be taking time out of their busy days to feed us. The Glenburn German Club is very thankful. While we were there, we presented them with a card saying "Vielen Dank" ("Thank you very much") to show our appreciation. They made our experience with German-Russian food very interesting and entertaining. I had a wonderful time and I hope that other people will get a chance to try German-Russian food because I'm sure they'll love it as much as I did.

Reprinted with permission of Minot Daily News.

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