Dr. Height Writes Book on Saga of Germans From Russia

"Dr. Height Writes Book on Saga of Germans From Russia." Pierce County Tribune, 19 July 1972.

Dr. Joseph S. Height.

Dr. Joseph S. Height, chairman of the foreign languages department of Franklin College, Franklin, IN., has written a book which should greatly interest all descendants of Germans from Russia. Dr. Height himself is a son of German immigrants who came to America in 1900, although he was born in 1909 in western Saskatchewan. His parents had lived in the Black Sea colonies of Mannheim and Strassburg.

He taught German, English and Latin in Canada. After he obtained his Ph.D. in German from the University of California (Berkeley) in 1948, Dr. Height taught German at Northwestern University and at Wabash College until 1959. Since that time he has been at Franklin.

The book is entitled, Paradise on the Steppe, The Odyssey of a Pioneering People." It was printed in Germany and sells for $6.90. The address is Dr. Joseph S. Height, 1221 E. Adams Drive, Franklin, IN. 46131.

Dr. Height accompanied Dr. Karl Stumpp of Germany on a tour of North Dakota last July and stopped at Rugby, where he gave a talk at the Memorial Hall in connection with Dr. Stumpp's appearance here.

The book is said to be the culmination of 20 years of research on the history and culture of the Catholic enclaves in the Odessa region.

He is planning to publish the 1848 chronicles of the 17 Evangelical mother-colonies in the same area. A projected sequel will deal with the German-Russian settlements in the Dakotas and Saskatchewan. For many years a faithful collaborator, the author-translator is providing the English version of the historical sections of Dr. Stumpp's major work, "The Emigration from Germany to Russia 1773-1865 Dr. Stumpp is considered the world's greatest authority on the subject.

The book has more than 400 pages, 26 chapters and over 200 illustrations and maps. The book is advertised as "The most detailed, exciting book ever written about this ethnic group."

Editor's note: Many people who have read the book here and in Germany had high words of praise. One of these days when we have had time to read it, we will review it.

Reprinted with permission of the Pierce County Tribune

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