New Memorial Stone for Colonists

Three properties in the Juliannenhöh area of Wanderup [Germany] remain relics of history. For that reason a memorial stone has been dedicated at this locale. It is intended to remind people of the colonists of the time of King Friedrich V.

"New Memorial Stone for Colonists." Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag, 5 October 2009.

Translation from the original German-language text to American English provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

All descendants of colonists, guests and organizers gathered at the new memorial stone.

Wanderup/rw. – Hildegard and Christian Winkel of Jörl are directors of the group “Plackenhacke,” which concerns itself with researching the history of colonists.  In the Juliannenhöh area of Wanderup a memorial stone was dedicated recently to remind folks about the history of the colonists.

Descendants of former colonists, onlookers, and Mayor Petra Nicolaisen had gathered for the event. Christian Winkel explained how during drives to Flensburg he had for years been passing by this blank piece of stone. The colony of Juliannenhöh had also entered his consciousness, and he had come to think that this stone really needed an inscription. It was a matter of “not forgetting the memory and knowledge of colonization.”

Winkel then provided a detailed review of the process of colonization. Between 1761 and 1765, under the then Danish Lord Friedrich V, colonization of the thinly settled region of heath and moors on the Schleswigian “Geest” took place.

Those settling there had come from Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and the Palatinate. With the prospect of obtaining a piece of one’s own land and the promise of assistance from the Danish state, they had undergone the difficult journey to the North in covered wagons and carts. Colony “No. 7, ”Juliannenhöh.,” was one of nineteen colonies established in the Flensburg district. Cultivating the land of  heath and moors proved to be extremely difficult. For the first two years the colonists lived in sod huts directly on their properties. The original properties “Holsteins Hof,” “Sophienhof,” and “Magdalenenhof” continue to exist to this day. This particular colony had been established in 1761 at the edge of Wanderup.

Christian Winkel expressed his thanks for the support from the community, the gravel firm Glindemann, and the cultural foundation of Schleswig-Flensburg County. Mayor Petra Nicolaisen pointed out that the community had given its support very happily. She added that with this memorial stone we are bequeathing memories of the colonists to their descendants. At the conclusion, the author Tini Nicolaisen of Wanderup presented her book “Die Zeitreise [Travel in Time],” and Christian Winkel added that the colonization of Juliannenhöh was itself part of a journey in time that ended up in this region.      

 Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article. 

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