Mercer County

Isaak, August. "Mercer County." Dakota Frei Presse, n.d.

Krem, 12 Jan.

(4th paragraph)
I have a request for the readers of this newspaper who live in the Cherson Province.  (The Dakota Freie Presse is the only American newspaper which is allowed in the Cherson Province.  So it’s entirely pointless to place such inquiries in other newspapers.  Ed.)  I would like to know if Jakob Breitling, son of Christian Breitling, is still alive and where he lives.  Furthermore, I would like to know if Jakob Schopp, son of Daniel Schopp, is still alive.  I think that the wife of Jakob Schopp is a sister of Jakob Breitling.  Is there not someone among the readers who is able to tell me the addresses of these men? My wife, Katharina, is a daughter of Philipp Breitling.  How is Johann Isaak in Eichendorf, Bessarabia?  I have sent him money in April 1924 and have yet no reply.

August Isaak

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