Number of 'Aussiedlers' in Bavaria Decreasing

Zahl der Aussiedler nimmt ab

"Number of 'Aussiedlers' in Bavaria Decreasing." Süddeutsche Zeitung, 23-24 January 1999.

Translation by Alice Morgenstern, Munich, Germany

The number of Aussiedlers in Bavaria has been decreasing considerably. The Sozialministerium (Ministry for Social Affairs) registered 19,813 new Aussiedlers for 1997, in 1998 there were only 14,973 - 14,000 coming from the former Soviet Union. The number given for the Federal Republic was 103,000, a trend that has been observed during the last eight years and seems to stabilize at that level. Two million ethnic Germans still live in East European states. A specific German law concerning these Germans alleges a "collective fate of expulsion" especially in the states of the former Soviet Union, where nationalism and religious fanaticism make it hard for them to maintain their identity. Last year the costs for the late Aussiedlers in 235 temporary quarters amounted to 62 million D-mark. The ministry makes out difficulties in getting jobs for them, because of their deficiencies in the German language and the lack of adequate qualifications. But the number of unemployed Aussiedlers in Bavaria is not alarming, only 2, 6% are registered to be seeking work.

Our appreciation is extended to Alice Morgenstern for translation of this article.

Reprinted with permission of Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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