From Paraguay

"From Paraguay." Dakota Frei Presse, 28 July 1925, 5.

Villarrica, 10 April

Esteemed D.F.P.!

German Text

(last two paragraphs)

Now I will yet take advantage of this opportunity and get myself in touch with several old acquaintances by way of the readership of the “Old Free.”  First of all, I can inform Mr. August Isaak in N.D. regarding his request in the issue of Feb. 17, that the relatives of his wife, Jakob Bretling and Jakob Schopp, according to the reports I have from there, still live in the village of Neu-Beresina.  In a letter from my brother Jakob, I heard that his son had married the daughter of Jakob Schopp in the winter of 1923-24.  Mr. Isaak, your wife in her younger years was a good friend of mine.  “Katie” also in my time attended school in our idyllic little village Neu-Beresina at the foot of the school-master Schenk, of which she doubtlessly still remembers herself.  This is why I am especially pleased to hear again of the old schoolmates.

I have always read with interest the names of the newly-added readers of the D.F.P. listed in the letter-box.  I frequently find the names of old acquaintances there.  So it is I learned that Paul Ginger of Lebus at Frankfurt O. [on the Oder], my former neighbor and friend in Chutor Neu-Savitzke, became a reader of the D.F.P. I ask him in this way to give greetings from me to my siblings, Gottfried Nill and family, Karl Biederstädt and family, who also live by Lebus.  An especially heartfelt greeting to you, old neighbor, and to your family.  Let me hear from you once.  Further, I ask Mr. H. Herrman in Neu-Glückstal, to greet any of my brothers in Neu-Beresina, in case he encounters them.  Also David Siffermann, who through his wife, nee Engert, is related to us.  Now yet a request to Matheis Hohloch in Worobeva (Berlin), if he would greet my brother-in-law, Jakob Matheis and family, and Christoph Steinbach and family:  I ask that you have them write to me soon; I have not heard from them since 1917 although I have repeatedly written to them.  Let them read this report.  Mathäus Nill

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