Heeeeeeeere's Rosie

"Heeeeeeeere's Rosie." Wells County Herald Press, 2 May 1986.

Rosie Gries

Rosie Gries, Goodrich's 90-year-old Avon lady, has become quite a celebrity the past couple months. Stories about her have appeared in numerous newspapers and now she will appear on Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show."

Gries is scheduled for a 15-minute interview on the May 28 show. She plans to leave for California by train on the 25th.

"I'm supposed to sell Avon to him (Carson) and I'm going to sing a song," Gries said of appearance. She will sing "Alone," a song she sang at her birthday party two weeks ago.

Gries has been selling Avon products 48 years and would like to reach the 50-year mark.

She says she's not apprehensive about her TV debut, noting Carson "is human like me. I'm not going to make a fuss." She has been requested to bring Carson a loaf of homemade bread, and she may include a ring of her homemade sausage.

"The Tonight Show" can be seen on Channel 10 in this area. It begins at 10:30 p.m.

Gries notes 90th birthday

An open house celebration for Rosie Gries' 90th birthday was held Sunday, April 27, at Peace Lutheran Church, Goodrich. About 70 people were in attendance.

The event was hosted by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The ladies of the church also helped. A program was presented by some of her children and Rosie took part in singing a few songs, accompanied on the piano by her Granddaughter Judie, and on the accordion by nephew Kermith Klooz, Long Lake, S.D. Kermith also played a few accordion numbers for the program. Rev. Larry Giese gave a sermonette and offered prayer.

Rosie received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her church. Mrs. Alvin Sauter made the beautiful, delicious birthday cake. Rosie also received many cards, gifts and letters, including congratulations from Rep. Byron Dorgan, Sen. Mark and Mrs. Andrews, Sen. Quentin and Mrs. Burdick and Governor and Mrs. George Sinner, also cards from South Dakota and Minnesota, people who Rosie knew personally. She said, "I had to wait 90 years to get such a wonderful treat."

Children present were Helmuth and Agnes Gries, Meta and Allen Maynard, Judie and Dougie Kostuck, Marcia, Steve and Mike Opp, Edison and Miriam and Angela V. Zuete, all of Bismarck; Avon District Manager Nancy Haugen of Minot, who also brought Rosie a big bouquet of flowers; nephew, Kermith Klooz, Donnybrook. Others who attended were from McClusky, Harvey, Denhoff, Bismarck, Martin, Chaseley and a number from Goodrich and surrounding area.

Goodrich correspondent Frieda Tessman called on Rosie for a short visit and reported a big pile of cards, etc., she had received. "I expressed congratulations to Rosie on reaching this milestone, and she's so active yet and plans so much to yet do," Tessman said. "And now she's getting ready to be on "The Tonight Show" in California May 28 with Johnny Carson."

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