Strasburg High School students in 1948

"Strasburg High School students in 1948." Emmons County Record, 5 April 2012, 16

Balzer Scherr of Tulare, Calif., shared this picture of the students of Strasburg High School in 1948. He sent it to Johanna Nieuwsma of Strasburg whose late sister, Henrietta (Nicolay) Senecal, is in the photo. Henrietta died September 4, 2011. The names of Balzer’s classmates are, back row, left to right, Eva Holzer, Dolores Tilma, Helen Lauinger, Henrietta Nicolay, Alberta Plagerman, Theresia Malsom, Angeline Burgad, Johanna Haug, Bertha Schumacher, Annabelle Bickler, Florence Burgad, Phyllis Silvernagel and Ramona Gizi; middle, Balzer Scherr, Eddie Baumgartner, Albert Wolf, Angeline Feist, Lilian Volk, Floretta (Sehn) Glass, Helen Scherr, Arloene Silvernagel and Baldwin Materi, and front, Wendelin Braunagle, Eddie Malsom, Eggie Bauman, Ed Brickner, LeRoy Dyk, James Wikenheiser, Eddie Bossert, Andrew Schneider and Irwin Lauinger. Not pictured are Leo Braun, Lillian Kraft, Theodore Nagel and Harvey Baumgartner. Thanks to Lillian (Kraft) Selzler for correcting some of the names.

Reprinted with permission of Emmons County Record.

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