This home located in Hazen was at one time the Krem store. The building was moved from Krem in 1947. In the letter to the Editor found below, Joanne Scahfer Thompson shares her mother, Iva Tusver Schafer's memories.

Memories of the old Krem Store

Thompson, Joanne Schafer. "Memories of the old Krem Store." Hazen Star, 30 September 2004.

Another building that was moved from Krem in1947 exists in Hazen. It was the Krem store owned ad operated by Gottfried Heine who was also the rural mailman.

At the time my parents, Leo and Iva Tysves Schafer, purchased the building, it had a high square store front. Over the years it was remodeled with a mud room and two bedrooms added. There were only a few houses in the neighborhood at that time with none to the east. it became the home in which my brother, Jerry, my sister, Janet, and I grew up in.

In 1992 mom wrote, "1 remembered the building from days yore. In 1931 we had the Mercer County Teachers Convention My school was a couple miles yonder. No preparations were made for that October event for lunch and I had 50 cents. So at noon, I went to Heine's General Store and bought a banana and two cookies, and strolled around the store. I remember the stalk of bananas hanging and the clerk cut one off for me. There were counters along both sides. Above: that I recall a saddle, a set of harnesses, and "bolt goods," gingham and percales and for 10 cents a yard. There were barrels of pickles and sauerkraut. A red building, pump was near the red back door.

There was no ceiling in the building, only rafters. The walls were covered with red embossed tin strips and the floor was 12 inch weathered boards.

My father died in 1974 and mom in 1996. Mom had written down many of her old memories with prodding from my siblings and me so we are fortunate to be able to relive the time we had in the "old Krem store". There is truth to the old adage, "You can't go home again," but with the memories mom wrote about I can go part way.

Reprinted with permission of the Hazen Star.

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