Memories of Emmons County Gathering Shared

Masterson, Jolenta Fischer. "Memories of Emmons County Gathering Shared." Emmons County Record, 9 April 2003.

On February 15, 2003 the 16th Annual Emmons County Luncheon was held at the Terrace Green Clubhouse in Mesa, Arizona. Many more people showed up than were planned for, but tables were set up in any open spot and soon everyone was seated. Charles (Chuck) Senger was the MC for this party, and he did a fine job. There were nice door prizes including subscriptions to the Emmons County Record. The entertainer for the event was accordionist Victor Schwahn of Bismarck. Next year, Ernie Borr, Jr. will plan this event.

My husband and I happened to be in the Phoenix area at the time and were invited to attend. I was pleasantly surprised to meet and greet folks whom I had not seen for more than 50 years. Thanks to the fact that we were all wearing name tags, identification was possible.

First there was Bill Keller and Leonard Kraft - they were my classmates at Strasburg, a long time ago. Bill Keller told a story of the days when he taught at a country school near Strasburg. On a Monday morning, after a busy weekend, he was a bit tired, so he reversed the daily schedule and had the students do the Young Citizen's League singing first. They were singing when the School Superintendent came to visit. This was a group of seven kids (four of them were Schwab children), and they all sang quite well. The group was invited to sing at the Spring YCL meetings at Linton. They won first prize.

Sitting at a table reserved for the Strasburg High class of 1952 were Ernie and Donna Borr, Wayne and Kathleen Fischer, Darlene (Zanstra) Feil and her husband Vern, Mike and Michelle Burgad and Pete Welk. Nearby sat my cousin Ray Braun and his wife. Angeline (Deringer) Geisinger was there, and she reminded me that she had been my baby sitter when I was very young. With her was Christine (Deringer) Baumgartner from Hague. Al Mattern and his wife Mary were there. Al bears a strong resemblance to his uncle, Lawrence Welk. Then there was Betty (Rodenburg) Vander Vorst, Judy (Schmaltz) Eberle and Walter Eberle from Hague, Lillian (Volk) Materi, Betty (Kramer) Welk from Chicago and about a hundred other very nice folks from the great state of North Dakota and the County of Emmons.

It was such a happy event to be able to talk to so many folks who were part of your life at one time. To attend such a gathering reflects a bit of pride in where you come from. Emmons County is such a place.

Mr. & Mrs. Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson, center, is pictured with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Braun. Ray and Jolenta are cousins.
Betty (Rodenburg) Vander Vorst greets Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson at the Gathering.
Mary and Bill Keller are pictured at the Gathering.
Al Mattern, right, and his wife, Mary, enjoy the Emmons County Gathering. Al looks like his uncle, Lawrence Welk.
Left to right are Angeline (Deringer) Geisinger, Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson and Christine (Deringer) Baumgartner.
Enjoying the Gathering are Strasburg Class of 1952 members Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson, Pete Welk, and Wayne and Kathleen Fischer.

Reprinted with permission of the Emmons County Record.

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