Meeting With Germans From the United States

Miller, Julius. "Meeting With Germans From the United States." Landsmannschaft, 15 August 1996, 1.

A meeting between Mr. U. V. Miller, the president of the Society of deported Crimea Germans, professor at the Simpheropol State University, and a group of 49 American Germans, headed by Michael M. Miller, professor at the North Dakota State University and the bibliographer of the Germans from Russia program took place in Odessa between 24 and 26 of June.

The topics of discussion included the establishment of closer ties with the members of German American community whose ancestors lived in Crimean villages; the plans for future visits of these settlements; the study of existing archives; the establishment of networks for finding relatives in both countries, as well as the study of various documents - notes, letters, books, newspapers, maps - relevant to the history of the Germans in Crimea and of interest to the members of German community in North Dakota and other German communities in America.

Members of the American German community have revived a significant interest in the study of their ancestral heritage. (Professor Michael M. Miller makes a special contribution. His ancestors on the father's side came from the Bessarabian village of Krasna, located in the Odessa region. Mother's ancestors, Baumgartner, came from the Kutchurgan village of Strassburg. Both families emigrated to North Dakota in 1880's.) At present census, German settlers comprise 40 percent of North Dakota population. Their immigration to the prairies of North Dakota, which happen to be much like the Ukrainian prairies, started in 1880's and continued until 1910.

The library archives of the North Dakota State University contains what is believed to be one of the largest collections of documents about the history of Russian Germans. In order to preserve their living history for future generations, assigned recorders/interviewers conduct informational interviews with knowledgeable elders of German settlements. The learning and preservation of their history has become a common endeavor for many Germans in America.

You can contribute to the process of recording history by providing the names and other biographical data of the Germans formerly living in the villages of Crimea. Information should be sent to this Crimean society. Requests for assistance with finding relatives can also be sent.

Reprinted with permission of the Landsmannschaft, Simperofol, Crimea, Ukraine.

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