St. Boniface Celebrates 100th Birthday

"St. Boniface Celebrates 100th Birthday." Napoleon Homestead, 8 June 2005, 1.

St. Boniface Catholic Church, rural Kintyre, celebrated it's 100th birthday on its feast day, Sunday, June 5, 2005. St. Boniface church was started February 19, 1905 as a mission of St. Mary's Church of Bismarck.
Clergy and mass servers who celebrated the centennial Mass of St. Boniface on Sunday were, front row, left to right: Kelsey Weigel, Tyler Weigel, Fr. Don Leiphon, Mark Weigel; then back left to right: Fr. Joseph Goehring, Fr. David Syverson, Fr. James Cheney, Deacon Gary Schumacher, Fr. James Gross, Bishop Samuel Aquila, Fr. Andrew Roehrich, Deacon Allan Baumgartner, Fr. Abbot Brian Wangler, Fr. Andrew Jasinski.
Parishioners and others gathered outside the St. Boniface church following the Centennial Mass.

Local parishioners and hundreds traveled from far and wide to St. Boniface to take in the 2:00 p.m. mass and visit the church, cemetery and rectory. The Rev. Samuel J. Aquila, Bishop of the Fargo Catholic Diocese, celebrated the mass and had as concelebrants, Rev. Donald Leiphon the local pastor, Father Abbot Brian Wangler and Andrew Roehrich (both native sons of St. Boniface) on the altar along with Deacons Gary Schumacher and Allan Baumgartner. In addition to the concelebrants other former area priests in attendance included Fr. Dave Syverson, Fr. Joseph Goehring, Fr. James Cheney and Fr. Andrew Jasinski.

In his homily Bishop Aquilla said in part, "We would not be here today if it wasn't for the faith. The patron Saint - St. Boniface had the courage to follow the word of the Lord and urged others to come and follow me." Aquilla believes that this is why this rural church community is so strong. He attributes it all to the faith of the people. In conclusion he said, "My heart is filled with joy to be with you today!" Following the afternoon church service people spent time on the church grounds and in the cemetery reminiscing. A 5:00 p.m. meal, which was sold out a couple weeks ago, was served at the Napoleon American Legion Hall where approximately 440 people were served. Allan Weigel was the local master of ceremonies for the program which followed the meal. A few former priests and nuns recounted some of their fondest memories while at St. Boniface.

Reprinted with permission of the Napoleon Homestead.

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