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Rath-Wald, Carmen. "News Column." Napoleon Homestead, 13 April 2011, 2.

I love bookstores and libraries. I like to walk through the stacks and look at the jackets and see the illustrations. I like sitting on a comfortable chair and reading bits and pieces of books I’ve never seen before. Bookstores and libraries house books of all kinds, books on culture, books on human development, books devoted to chemistry, art books etc., One of the largest sections in many bookstores is the cookbook section. Recipes of any ill.

The Germans from Russia Tourism Initiative people are interested in promoting tourism in the three counties of McIntosh, Logan and Emmons. There are many efforts being put forth right now to create a comprehensive collection of resources in the three county area that might bring visitors who are interested in the Germans from Russia culture. The food of the Germans from Russia in these three counties is considered one of those resources. Watermelon pickles and chokecherry syrup, Schupp Noodla and Pickled Pig’s Feet, these are uncommon to many, but familiar to Germans from Russia in this area. Not only the food, but the whole association between food and culture is interesting.

So, the thought is, let’s create a cookbook. Collect recipes from the three counties, and the anecdotes that accompany many of those recipes. Recipes made to celebrate Namestag (names day), recipes for chicken butchering days, recipes for wash day and so on. When the threshers came, what was the typical dinner? What stories do you associate with the cookies at Christmas or the Easter feasts?  What about food at funerals?

Some might ask, why another Germans from Russia cookbook?  I actually have three of my favorites on my desk right now. Food ‘N Customs: Recipes of the Black Sea Germans,Vegetables and Other Accompaniments Gemiise, Salate und Beilegen, and Hebron Historical & Art Society Cookbook: A Celebration of our Heritage 1885-2010. These are wonderful cookbooks but I do think a Germans from Russia collection of recipes from the three counties of McIntosh, Logan and Emmons could fill a gap in the shelves where the other cookbooks already exist.

The proposed cookbook, will be about cultural preservation and not merely a collection of recipes. The effort will preserve the food and culture memories that come from another time and place, the culture of people of the Ukraine and the German-Russian farms and small towns of a generation or two or three ago that settled in McIntosh, Logan and Emmons Counties. Recipe forms will be widely available in the three county area, and also from this office.

To request a recipe form or anything else which I can provide, please call the NDSU Extension Service office in Logan County at 754-2504. I would be glad to help!

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