Former Washburn Resident Still Very Active on her 100th Birthday

"Former Washburn Rresident Still Very Active on her 100th Birthday." Washburn Leader, 4 September 1985.

Pauline Singer, former Washburn and Turtle Lake resident, celebrated her 100th birthday last Friday at the Baptist Home in Bismarck where she has resided since 1971.

The activity room was filled with residents of the home and friends and relatives from the area, as well as other relatives and friends who came from Washington, Montana, and Minnesota.

Pamela Latvin, director of activities, was emcee for the program and gave some opening remarks about the guest of honor.

Others taking part in the program were Pat Grueneich, a granddaughter, who read a poem, “What is a Grandmother.” Musical numbers were provided by Rev. Meth and Arnold Franke who sang a German song, “Gott Ist Die Liebe;” a solo by Mrs. Leona Schiller in both German and English; and a quartet composed of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Singer and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Singer. Walter also played an accordion solo, “The Little Brown Church in Vale.” The entire group joined in singing the Happy Birthday song.

Mayor Eugene (Bus) Leary brought greetings and congratulations from the city of Bismarck, and sealed his remarks with a birthday kiss.

Mrs. Singer also spoke briefly expressing her appreciation to all who attended and especially to her family.

Chaplain Orville Meth gave a sermonette telling of Mrs. Singer’s faithfulness to her God. Chaplain Meth served as pastor at the Baptist Church in Turtle Lake before going to Bismarck.

Mrs. Singer’s son, Leo Pfiefle, read the history of his mother which follows:

Pauline Lang was born September 1, 1885, in a village named Friedendahl which was near Odessa, South Russia near the Black Sea, to Henry and Elizabeth Lang. Here is where she attended school and grew to young womanhood.

In 1907 she came to the United States, traveling with an older sister and brother-in-law, the late Mr. and Mrs. Ludvig Klein, and later that year came to North Dakota.

In 1908 she married Jacob Pfiefle in Washburn. Mr. Pfiefle was from her home village and had come to Washburn a year earlier. To this union two children were born, first a daughter who died in infancy, and a son Leo who lives in Washburn. They operated a dairy in Washburn for over 30 years and delivered milk to most families in town both morning and evening.

She was a member of the Washburn Baptist Church and a charter member of the Ladies Mission Society and is the only living charter member.

Her husband died in 1945 after quite a lengthy illness with cancer. She continued living in Washburn until in 1948 when she married a former Washburn resident, Andrew Albrecht, and moved to Startup, Washington, where they made their home. Mr. Albrecht died in 1954 and she continued living at Startup until 1958 when she married Adolph Singer of Turtle Lake where they made their home until 1971 when they moved to the Baptist Home in Bismarck.

Mr. Singer died in 1974 after having had a stroke a few years earlier from which he never fully recovered.

Mrs. Singer is still quite active and able to get around on her own, but occasionally uses her walker or wheelchair. She has crocheted many afghans over the years and also has covered hundreds of hangers, even quite a few this past year.

Leo also expressed his appreciation for the many kindnesses that have been shown Mrs. Singer by her stepchildren, the family of Adolph Singer, and also to the personnel of the Baptist Home for the good care given her.

Mrs. Singer was presented a plaque from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren by Paul Pfiefle, and was the recipient of several floral bouquets and many, many cards and gifts.

Relatives and friends from a distance attending the birthday party included her niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Straub; nephews and wives, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Christ Lang from Baker, Montana; nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pfiefle, Renton, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Fritz, Grand Forks; Rev. Robert Lang, Carrington; Mrs. Amelia Jensen, Kenmare; Mr. and Mrs. Quay Peterson, Minot; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jesser, Ortonville, Minn.; and Mrs. Hulda Jesser, Medina.

Reprinted with permission of The Washburn Leader, Washburn, North Dakota.

Mrs. Singer enjoying her birthday.
Grandma Singer family: front, left to right, John Maslowski, Verna Pfiefle, Grandma Singer, Leo Pfiefle, Heather Pfiefle. Second row, Jason Pfiefle, Judy Maslowski holding son Matthew, Paula Pfiefle, Pat Grueneich, Chad Grueneich, Michelle Pfiefle, Kari Grueneich. Back row, Mike Maslowski holding daughter Brooke, Kathy and Paul Pfiefle and Cindy Pfiefle.

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