Henkes Celebrate 100th

"Henkes Celebrate 100th." Center Republican, 11 September 1985.

Herb and Harriet Henke hosted the gathering of the Diedrich Henke family on July 4. The family celebrated the centennial of the homesteading of the Diedrich and Dorothea Henke. The original homestead was located about a quarter of a mile east of the now Herb Henke farm. Because of water problems the Henkes moved ¼ mile west and settled near the creek. Their son Herman (Dec. 19, 1885-1970) and a daughter Mary (Nov. 21, 1887-1958) were both born on the original site. Anna, Mrs. Phillip Maier, (Oct. 5, 1893) and Henry D. (Sept. 10, 1896) were born after the family moved.

Over 100 family members gathered for the occasion. Herb was master-of-ceremonies of a program given where Anna talked of memories of her parents and Henry read the history. Herb led the group in prayer and in the singing of praise and thanks to God for His love and guidance show to these pioneer parents.

On display were the Family Bible and Prayer Book, an early picture of the farm, a picture of Diedrich and Dorothea, and the trunk in which the Henkes brought their personal belongings from Chicago. (This same trunk served as their table for many years.) Also on display was a memorial plaque given by Phillip and Anna Meier in loving memory of Diedrich and Dorothea. This plaque will be placed on a stone base at the entrance to the Henke farm.

Family members coming from out-of-state were: Roselyn, Nolana, and Moreena Newton, Seattle, Wash.; Frances Maier, Pulman, Wash.; Janet McElvaine, Everett, Wash.; Marlene and Kelly Koenig, Kalispell, Mont.; Delvin Henke family, Waterloo; Iowa. Also attending this reunion included families of Henry D. Henke, Phillip Maier, Dorthy Hintz, Forrest Jensen, Dorene Henke, Ervin Henke, Louis Wilkens, Duane Bueligen, Herb Henke, Raymond Maier, Arnold Maier, Raymond Hintz, Wayne Jensen, Kenny Stayton, Curtis Henke, Vernon Henke, Bruce Wilkens, Blaine Wilkens, Blake Wilkens, Clay Bornemann, Allan Tellman, Mike Eggers, Dan Bueligen, Darcy Rosendahl, Kenton Kruger, Dave Kautzmann, Pat Doll, Daune Maier, Blaine Hoesel, Gary Maier, Jack Lee.

Reprinted with the permission of The Center Republican.

Left to right: Alma Henke, Anna Maier, Henry Henke and Phillip Maier. Anna (almost 92 years) and Henry (89) are the children of Diedrich and Dorothea Henke.
Herb Henke was the master of ceremonies for the reunion.

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