Mary Schneider has lived through 19 presidents.

Ashley woman approaches 107th Birthday

Delzer, Marie. "Ashley woman approaches 107th Birthday." Ashley Tribune, 16 November 2011, 7.

Mary Schneider, Ashley, ND, who didn't think she would celebrate her l00th birthday, will celebrate her 107th birthday on Sunday, November 20 at the nursing home with her family, friends and a cake with lots of candles. The Tribune can't verify for sure, but thinks she is the oldest, living person in McIntosh County.

She has only been living in the nursing home for a couple of years. Her hearing has waned, her eyes have failed but she has kept most of her memories.  Until her eyesight gave way to macular generation ten years ago, she was fond of quilting, crocheting and embroidering.

Growing up on the farm, she and her dozen siblings, walked to the oneroom school house unless there was bad weather. Then her father would give them a ride in the sleigh with horses. Her education ended at eighth grade so she could help with the younger children and chores. Life wasn't all work though. She recalls going to barn dances where whoever could play an instrument would come. They played old time waltzes and polkas. A son Edwin died a few years ago.

After her husband died in 1979, she moved to town and her son Earl took over the farmstead.

Schneider has lived through the administrations of 19 presidents, starting with Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama.

Topics of interest the year she was born (1904): The third Modern Olympic Games opened in St. Louis, MO, as part of the World's Fair; The first New Year's Eve celebration was held in Times Square in New York City; for 10 million dollars, the United States gained control of the Panama Canal Zone; the first largescale bodybuilding competition in America took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City; the distress signal CQD is established, only to be replaced 2 years later by SOS; Henry Ford set a new automobile land speed record of 91.37 mph.

Mary Schneider is the mother of Shirley (Weszner) & LeRoy Fleming, Earl & Gladys Schneider and Ella Nora Schneider.

Reprinted with permission of the Ashley Tribune.

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