One-of-a-Kind Quilt to be Auctioned During Selz Centennial

Wurgler, Edie. "One-of-a-Kind Quilt to be Auctioned During Selz Centennial." Pierce County Tribune, 3 July 2010, 8.

A quilt, designed and pieced by Harriet Bjorke, and quilted by Harriet, Alice Fettig Volk and Pearl Bentz Swang, will be auctioned at the Selz Centennial. It is a visual history of the community rendered in colorful cotton.

Harriet, who taught 30 years at the Selz School, gave considerable thought to the design, keeping in mind conditions of 100 years ago, the Scandinavian and German-Russian families who settled the Selz area, native Americans who lived there even earlier, the beautiful blue North Dakota sky, and the green prairie.

The Selz Centennial logo, designed by Janet Held Schmidt, was placed near the center of the quilt. Photos from the past and present were screened onto fabric and are scattered throughout the quilt. A prominent local landmark, Butte de Morale, where Chippewa and Sioux gathered in the early 1800s, is depicted on the quilt, as are prairie potholes. In the lower left corner a train, made of little buttons, approaches the elevator. The border of the quilt features blocks with trees, country schools, and houses representing homes of farm families in the Selz community. Each pieced block starts with two small squares, signifying a husband and wife, surrounded by strips of fabric, representing their children. A bright orange sun shines down on all the scenes from the upper right corner.

Centennial committee members anticipate spirited bidding for the one-of-a-kind quilt which will be auctioned July 9 at about 8:15 p.m., following the banquet at the Harvey Eagles. Proceeds will go to help pay for the centennial celebration.

This quilt will be auctioned off during this week's Selz Centennial.

Reprinted with permission of the Pierce County Record.

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