A banner welcomes parishioners to St. Luke Lutheran Church, Streeter as they celebrate their 100th anniversary.

St. Luke Lutheran to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

"St. Luke Lutheran to Celebrate 100th Anniversary." Napoleon Homestead, 25 June 2008,
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St. Luke Lutheran Church in Streeter will be celebrating its 100th anniversary "100 Years of Grace". The centennial will be celebrated June 28 and 29. Saturday, June 28 there will be a worship service at 7:00 p.m. with Pastor Marvin Schumacher of Clarksville, IA and Liturgist pastor Chris Hogstad. Lunch will follow the service. Sunday, June 29 a 10:00 a.m. worship with holy communion will be held with Pastor Ted Dewald, LaCrosse, WI, Pastor Emil Dockter, Surprise, AZ, and Liturgist Pastor Chris Hogstad. There will be a noon mean at the Memorial Hall with everyone welcome. A 2:00 p.m. worship service will follow.

The first recorded meeting of a Lutheran congregation in Streeter, ND, was held November 15, 1907, with Pastor H. Nagel presiding. The congregation was then known as Hoffnungs Gemeinde. It was decided to incorporate the congregation, and the first church council elected consisted of Mr. Klingmann, Adam Enzminger and Jacob Trautman. At a meeting held March 15, 1908, a building committee consisting of Adam Enzminger, John Leight and Jacob Trautman was elected which was to consider suitable lots where a church might be built. The lots on which the church now stands were purchased. Plans were made to build a church 22 feet by 36 feet. St. Luke was adopted as the name of the new congregation.

Pastor Nagel had prepared a document dated May, 1908, and placed it in the north foundation, where it was found when the old church was taken down years later. The ink was faded and much of it was not legible. The names of the charter members, however, were well preserved. They were the following men and their families: Adam Enzminger, Peter Meidinger, Ludwig Schmidt Sr., John Lecht, Adam Dewald, John Gienger, Friedrich Wolf, George Deutscher, John Deg, Jacob Trautman Sr., Konrad Ernst, Samuel Klaudt, Jacob Trautman and Michael Dockter.

Pastor Nagel, instrumental in organizing a number of congregations in the Streeter area, and also southeast of there, became the first resident pastor of the St. Luke congregation and the other congregations belonging to the parish. The parish at one time numbered 116 families. Pastor John Grill succeeded Pastor Nagel. Those were the depression-drought years of the 30¡¦s. Almost every parish experienced difficulties in those years, financial and otherwise, and the local parish was no exception. Some people moved away, others dropped their membership. He served the parish until 1939.

A vacancy of about fifteen months followed during which time a re-shifting of parishes in this area was affected.

In June, 1940, Pastor A.H. Nickel came to serve the reorganized Streeter Lutheran parish. A new schedule of services was started, including for the first time two evening services a month in the English language. Sunday School in the English language was started. On March 1, 1942, it was voted to affiliate with the American Lutheran Church.

At a parish meeting held on September 26, 1943, it was voted to begin raising money for a new church. At a parish meeting held on February 4, 1945, it was decided to sell the old church and the schoolhouse which had been erected in 1917 and to build a brick structure, the dimensions to be 36 feet by 80 feet. Because of the shortage of building materials and labor during WWII, nothing was done until the spring of 1948.

On May 29 the old church and the schoolhouse were auctioned off for $1,550 and $800, respectively. Work on the church progressed rapidly, and by March, 1949, major work was completed at a total cost, without fixtures, of $63,000. This church was dedicated on October 9, 1949. On November 13, 1949 a Wurlitzer organ was dedicated in loving memory of Pastor H. Nagel.

Pastor Nickel left Streeter in April of 1950. Pastor W.H. Hanselmann came to fill the vacancy in August of that same year.

In December, 1952, the congregation was again left with a vacancy when Pastor Hanselmann and his family moved to Superior, NB.

In March, 1953, the Reverend Theo. H. Judt assumed the pastorate and served until July, 1957. In February, 1958, Pastor R.C. Jakober was installed as pastor of St. Luke congregation and left in May, 1958.

Luke Lutheran Church, Streeter
to celebrate 100th anniversary

Rev. John Schmierer was installed in 1958 and left in June, 1961.

Rev. Walter Borchardt was installed in December, 1961 and left in June, 1967.

Rev. Norman Nething was installed in July, 1967 and left on September 12, 1969.

Rev. Ernest Thielen was installed in November, 1969 and left in May, 1971.

Rev. Waldemar Storm was installed in May, 1971 and left in December, 1974.

Rev. Wallace A. Larson was installed in February, 1975 and left in 1981.

Due to declining membership and a financial difficulty to maintain a pastor, it was decided in 1982, to share a pastor with English Lutheran, Medina. Pastor William Fink served both churches for three years. (1982-1985)

Rev. Brian Wasmoen served the parish from 1985-1995.

Rev. Joel Brosten was interim pastor during 1996 until Rev. Robert Pestal was installed as the new pastor and served the church until 2005 when he moved to Harvey.

Two interim pastors: Rev. Darrell Schulz and Rev. Annette Crickenberger served the parish until August 2006 when Pastor Chris Hogstad was installed.

Five sons of the congregation were called to be pastors. They are: Erwin Wieland (deceased), son of Emanuel and Barbara Wieland; Emil Dockter, son of John F. and Barbara Dockter; Adam Meidinger, son of Jacob and Martha Meidinger; Marvin Schumacher, son of Jacob Sr. and Eva Schumacher; and Ted Dewald Jr., son of Theo and Rosella Dewald.

In 2006 they united with Hope United Church of Christ. Services are held three times a month in the Lutheran church and one to two at the Hope UCC Church.

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