Strasbourg - to - Strasburg Link Made

"Strasbourg - to - Strasburg Link Made." Emmons County Record, 13 August, 1980, 1.

A visit to a Strasburg was of special interest to Phillippe and Beatrice Edel who were in the area last weekend. The Edels are residents of Strasbourg, France.

Michael M. Miller, an audio-visual specialist at NDSU in Fargo and formerly of Strasburg, aided them in making the trip. Miller met the Edels on July, 26, at Washington D.C., soon after they arrived in the U.S. Miller was in the East at the time, working on a photographic project for the U.S. Olympic team.

Phillippe and Beatrice Edel (right) with Michael M. Miller

Phil Edel, an employee of the Chamber of Commerce at Strasbourg, a city of 400,000, initially became interested in Strasburg, N.D. in 1977, where he wrote to the city in an effort to learn historical information about it. His letter was forwarded to Michael Miller, who subsequently sent him publications containing pertinent information. Miller was able to visit the Edels in 1977 while he was touring Europe.

Later, Phil received a request from the publishers of a regional French magazine who wanted to print a feature story on the North Dakota town. Edel provided the story, while Miller provided color photographs.

While in Emmons County last weekend, the Edels found the culture to be, in certain ways, quite similar to that of their own region, Alsace. They noted, in particular, the similarities between the dialects of German that are spoken in the two regions. And, as one finds in Emmons County, where conversations tend to consist of a mixture of languages, German and English, Alsatians too, mix languages, German and French.

Beatrice, an instructor of English and German, commented on the relatively slow and relaxed pace of life in North Dakota, and both agreed that it is a pretty, and interesting, state.

The Edels left on Monday for San Francisco. Before they return to France, they plan to collect historical information on another Strasburg - Strasburg, Pennsylvania this time.

Reprinted with permission of Emmons County Record.

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