Dr. Karl Stumpp sitting at a box piano.

Germans From Russia Authority to Visit Here

"Germans From Russia Authority to Visit Here." Pierce County Tribune, 5 July 1978.

Germans from Russia of the community and area are in for a rare treat Sunday, July 9, when they will have a chance to meet Dr. Karl Stumpp from Stuttgart, West Germany.

A reception will be held at the Stumpp Exhibition Building at the Rugby Museum, from 2 to 4 p.m. Dr.Stumpp will be flown by chartered plane from the Convention of Germans from Russia in Fargo Sunday, July 9. Dr. Stumpp will be the convention banquet speaker.

He is also to visit Lincoln, Nebraska, Kulm and Gackle in North Dakota, where he is to meet with ethnic Germans from Russia groups.

From here he will fly back to Germany.

Judge Ray Friederich, a leading figure locally and in the state in the organization, points out that Dr. Stumpp's visit here may be a unique opportunity for people to meet him and to visit briefly. Dr. Stumpp is now 82 years old and in all likelihood, will never visit the United States again.

Dr. Stumpp himself is unique. He is the unchallenged authority on the entire history, drama, wanderings and sufferings of those Germans, invited to Russia by grandiose promises, a few centuries ago, by Catherine the Great. He has spent his life in travel and research and compiled his findings in from 40 to 50 books and countless special papers.

He was born in 1896 in the community of Alexanderhilf, near Odessa, Russia. (Incidentally, Judge Friederich's mother was also born in that town.)

Dr. Stumpp has done many favors for the local chapter of Germans from Russia. The "natives" scratched their heads considering, "What can you do for a man who has had about all the honors one man could have?" They came up with the idea of having an exhibition hall, or Dr. Stumpp Exhibit. The place is furnished with things remindful of the homes Germans from Russia had. To the surprise of "the natives," this idea pleased Dr. Stumpp very much. He has donated, among other things, about 25 of his books. These books in many respects are priceless. They are out of print and would be irreplaceable if lost. So valuable are they, there has been a reluctance to keep them at the exhibit all the time.

Dr. Stumpp received his doctorate from Prof. Uhlig of the Institute of History of the University of Tubingen in 1922 on the topic, "The German Colonies in the Black Sea Areas."

Dr. Stumpp has kept on researching and writing.

Reprinted by permission from The Pierce County Tribune.

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