Final Mass Scheduled

Tengesdal, Katina. "Final Mass Scheduled." Minot Daily News, 25 June 2005, sec. D.

The final Mass will be said July 9 at 10 a.m. in St. Anselm’s Church, Fulda. Bishop Samuel Aquila will officiate. After the Mass, books will be handed out that contain information about the church’s history, and a lunch will be held so people can share memories. There will also be photographs on display.

“There has been a lot of interest. We had a lot of people calling. It should be a full house,” said Jacinta Schmaltz, one of the parishioners helping to organize the final Mass.

A closing mass will be said by Bishop Samuel Aquila of the Fargo Diocese July 9 at 10 a.m. in St. Anselm's Catholic Church, Fulda. The church is located 10 miles west and six and one-half miles south of Rugby.

The church is located 10 miles west and one–half miles south of Rugby. Parishioners have worked to set up a history of St. Anselms, which was started when the church had it’s 75th anniversary. The profile will be updated.

Part of the St. Anselm’s history was chronicled in a book by Ole T. Tossrud, who wrote about Pierce County’s history. The church was started by missionaries who came to preach and organize a church.

“There was a lot of German Russians in this area who made up families that were there.” Schmaltz said.

The Church was started in 1901, and had about 500 members. In 1946, the old church burned down and was rebuilt.

“The church [now] is in really good condition. We’re sad that it’s closing. We are down right now to about 18 or 19 families that are currently parishioners here, the numbers have dropped way down.” Schmaltz said.
Because Berwick is having a class reunion, Schmaltz is said attendance at the closing Mass should be high. Many of the families that went to school in Berwick attended church in Fulda. Schmaltz estimates attendance will be around 300.

“We’re drawing a lot of outsiders, and getting a lot of calls from out of state from people who are wondering if the need to reserve a pew. We tell them that they don’t need to do that. It’s hard to guess how many will be there, and tying in the with the reunion will give us good attendance. We’re hoping to have enough food for everybody,” Schmaltz said.

St. Anselm’s used to have a horse barn so parishioners could house their transportation, and photos of the old horse barn will be displayed at the church.

“There used to be schools and post offices, and none of that is there anymore. Now there is just the church and the cemetery. The parish house was moved off of the property.” Schmaltz said.

St. Anselm’s closing will be a sad day for current parishioners.

“We’re sad that the church is closing. There’s a lot of mixed feelings. It’s hard to put an end to something that means so much with the smaller community. We’ve had three tragedies in the past years,” Schmaltz said. “We are a small community with only 19 families. We kind of pull together, and our faith is an important part of that. It’s hard for us to move on.” Schmaltz said.

Schmaltz said that because of the distance, the families will be attending different churches after St. Anselm’s closes, depending on where they live.

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