Photos From Germans From Russia Articles by Paulette Tobin

"Photos From Germans From Russia Articles by Paulette Tobin." Grand Forks Herald, 22 August 1999.

Odessa Cemetery in Pierce County, N.D., is the resting place of many Germans from Russia. Wrought iron cross on the prairies of North Dakota
The Wolff sisters of Eureka, S.D., in 1939. They were the daughters of Christina and Jacob Wolff, who migrated from Marienberg, South Russia, to McPherson County, S.D., in 1885. In front are Mary, Ida, Emma, and Alma, and in back, Martha, Frieda, Esther, Christine and Magdalena. The sisters also had five brothers. The family of Dorothea (Weisenberger) Pfeifle (standing left of the woman holding the baby) gathers in 1956 for a family reunion in Ashley, N.D. Family connections were important to Germans from Russia living in the Dakotas.
Many Germans from Russia prospered in their new homes in America. Jacob Wolff, who came to McPherson County, S.D., in 1885 from Marienberg, South Russia, homesteaded north of Eureka, S.D. He and his wife, Christina, raised 14 children and built this home about 1910. It was one of the first in the neighborhood to have indoor plumbing. Jacob and Christina stand at left with their children. Their hired man is on the far right. German houses in the former Bessarabian German village of Arzis (now in Ukraine, photo taken in May 1998. Photo by Janice Huber Stangl, Sterling, VA).
This building, the Church of the Assumption, was once a center of community for Germans who lived in the South Russian village of Selz. It was photographed in May, 1999. Distant view of the former Catholic church in the village of Karlsruhe, Beresan District (today Kalestrovo, Ukraine).
German women helped maintain ethnic customs and traditions and kept their families connected by keeping track of family members, their relationships and history. This wedding picture, part of a Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, is of Valentine Holzer and Katherina Schneider who were married Nov. 20, 1916, in St. Anthony Catholic Parish in Linton, N.D. Sister Rosalind Gefre, a Strasburg, N.D., native and teacher of the art of massage, may be the only nun to have her own baseball card.
Ukrainian couple at noontime milking their cow near Bessarabian villages.

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