Exhibits Assistant Learns of German-Russian History While on the job

Toepke, Deanna. "Exhibits Assistant Learns of German-Russian History While on the job." Spectrum, 12 December 1995.

Sophomore Stacy Malone was hired at the library on work-study when she came to SU last year.

Malone wrote "artistic ability" under the skills portion of the application and became an exhibits assistant to the Germans from Russia bibliographer, Michael Miller. During her first year on the job, she didn't do much with exhibits. More attention has been focused on preparation for the German-Russian "Journey to the Homeland," which will be led by Michael Miller this summer.

After a lot of leg work, the envelope stuffing for the trip is nearly over.

"We sent out pamphlets and T-shirts to everybody (going on the trip)," Malone said. "I've been waiting, but I don't get to go along."

Malone's duties vary a great deal, so she is never doing the same thing for too long.

"Its a lot of secretarial work," Malone said. "I take speeches that have been taped and put them in the computer. I do a lot of proofreading."

The speeches are taken from German-Russian descendants living in the area. This year, Malone finally had the opportunity to arrange two exhibits in the library.

Working at the library has made Malone aware of the German-Russian history and how they came to America, particularly this region of the country.

One of Malone's most bizarre duties deals with something other SU students may never wonder or think about at all - the book jackets from all the books in the library.

"They take the book jackets off the books because they're a pain," Malone said. "They give them to us, and we have to find the book's location on PALS. We stamp it `North Dakota State University,' date it and then we alphabetize it by location into these huge file cabinets. They're over loaded."

Reprinted with permission of the Spectrum.

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