Tri-County Alliance holds its annual meeting

The Tri-County Tourism Alliance held its annual meeting on Fri., Jan. 18, in Napoleon.

"Tri-County Alliance holds its annual meeting," Emmons County Record, 31 January 2013, 1 & 4.

Some of the attendees at the Tri-County Tourism Alliance annual meeting include, back row, left to right, Danielle Stuckle, John Wald, Carmen Rath-Wald, Michael Miller and Kathleen Tweeten; middle row, Verda Seeklander, Acacia Stuckle, Mary Ann Gefroh, Beatrice Heer, Marge Horner and Claudia Berg; front, Lila Werner, Sue Balcom and Tom Isern. Not pictured are Margaret Gross, John J. Gross, Sheldon Gerhardt and Bruce Wentz.

Carmen Rath-Wald and Acacia Stuckle, NDSU Extension Agents in Logan, Emmons and Kidder county respectively, delivered a presentation about the Tri-County Tourism Alliance, including their mission and various projects. If any organization or group is interested in learning more about the Tri-County Tourism Alliance they can request a presentation. In addition, a presentation with narration will be put together for online viewing.

Rath-Wald reported the group’s 501c3 status should be complete by March 1, 2013.

Sue Balcom conveyed she is working on the cookbook publication. She has organized all the material and is going to begin working on the copy for it. Fundraising efforts are still underway in hopes this book can be debuted by Ashley’s 125th celebration in June. If you are interested in financially supporting this project, please contact the Tri-County Tourism Alliance.

German-Russian Country: Prairie Legacy has a great presence online and through social media. Their Facebook page is very popular. In addition, the blog ( has visitors from all over the world. Content is currently being added to the new website (

Kathleen Tweeten, NDSU Center for Community Vitality, reported the State Historical Society of North Dakota has put an offer on the Welk Homestead near Strasburg. Funding for this purchase would be supported through North Dakota House Bill 1018. Alliance members were urged to contact their legislators to support this bill.

Election of officers and committee reports were held. The executive board includes Carmen Rath-Wald, President; Verda Seeklander, Vice-President; Athena Dunn, Treasurer; Acacia Stuckle, Secretary, and Sue Balcom, Historian.

The next meeting will be held on Fri., Feb. 22, in Linton at Webo’s Restaurant. The public is invited to attend.

The Tri-County Tourism Alliance is a nonprofit organization interested in preserving and promoting the Germans from Russia heritage and culture in order to enhance tourism opportunities in the three counties of Emmons, Logan and McIntosh. It was created to increase heritage tourism in a tri-county area of Emmons County, Logan County and McIntosh County.

German-Russian Country is the heartland of the Black Sea Germans, Germans from Russia who settled on the Great Plains of North America. The Germans from Russia are among the most visible and vibrant ethnic immigrant cultures of the plains. Three counties in south-central North Dakota—Emmons, Logan and McIntosh—are at the center of German-Russian Country.

Partners include NDSU Extension Service, NDSU Extension Service’s Center for Community Vitality, NDSU’s Center for Heritage Renewal, NDSU Libraries’ Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota Department of Tourism and the State Historical Society of North Dakota, but participation and support from local residents and business owners are fundamental to the success of the mission.

For information about the next meeting or the Tri-County Tourism Alliance, contact Carmen Rath-Wald, Tri-County Tourism Alliance president, at (701) 754-2504 or

Reprinted with permission of Emmons County Record.

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