If These Walls Could Talk: Currenty Pepi's Parlor

Grenz, Anderson & Straub. "If These Walls Could Talk: Currenty Pepi's Parlor." Northwest Blade, 4 August 2011.

Pepi’s Parlor is the latest incarnation of the building shown above, but it is just another variation on a theme of beer joints and eating establishments in this location, going back more than a hundred years.

The 1911 McPherson Co. Directory listed "August Martell, Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars." In 1916 it’s called a Saloon, and in 1920 it’s called a Pool Hall, still owned by August "Sport" Martell. Eurekans knew it as "Sports Place," one of 16 saloons in the city! A bit of trivia: Rudy Schick began his bartending career working here, for Sport Martell.

Sanrow Koerner bought Sport’s Place in 1946 and added a three lane bowling alley at the rear. This was an enjoyable addition to Eureka’s amusement options, with league bowling several nights a week at Sanrow’s Recreation.

The next owners were brothers Elmer and Harold Rohrbach, who bought the place in 1949 and called it Rohrbach’s Recreation. Beer cost 10 cents a glass and a pitcher of beer was $1.00. Teenagers could earn the hefty sum of fifty cents a night setting pins in the bowling alley, and some who took advantage of the offer were Edgar Fischer and Clarence Goehring. One of Rhorbach’s young bartenders was Ruben (Tom) Spitzer, who worked there for almost ten years. Harold and Berniece Goehring sold their share of the business to Elmer in 1952, who later sold it to Marvin Beck.

Being very familiar with the business, Ruben (Tom) Spitzer and wife Theresa bought the bar, in 1963. They tore out the bowling alley and added a restaurant to the bar.  In 1968, the Spitzer’s added a second story to the building for their family living quarters. Tom’s Place was known for its good food and German specialties. They sold their home and business in 2008 to Crystal Peplinski.

And that brings us to 2011, and Pepi’s Parlor, where some of the best food in town is served with a friendly smile! If these walls could talk, they’d say "come on in!"

Current photo of Pepi's Parlor 2011
Tom's Place 1974. Notice the pick-up parked in front with Tom's Place advertising paint job!
Interior of Rhorbach's Recreation 1957, Ruben 'Tom' Spitzer, bartender (girl is Bonnie Kary)
1907 or after, Partial picture of the August Martell saloon, next to Farmers & Merchants State Bank

Story courtesy of the Northwest Blade, Eureka, SD.
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