Wolf Family Reunion Held Last Weekend

Haas, Tim. "Wolf Family Reunion Held Last Weekend." Emmons County Record, Linton, North Dakota, June 5, 2008, page 9.

Wolfs gathered from around the country on Friday and Saturday, May 24 and 25, to get together for a family reunion in Emmons County.

The reunion began at one o’clock on Saturday with a prayer service at St. Michael’s Church east of Linton.

Albert Wolf of Bismarck led the attendees in song with "This Is My Song" and "O Holy God." This song was sung in German for the first verse as "Grosser Gott" and then the first and second verses were sung in English. Kristen Vetter accompanied on piano.

Albert also led the Wolfs in a short prayer service, asking God for peace "wherever there is division."

Alvin and Rosemary Wolf of Linton shared a few memories and gave the Wolfs a taste of how much the St. Michael’s Church is tied in with their heritage.

Marie Wolf Weigold of Michigan also gave some history of the Wolfs. She and another attending Wolf, Tod, have compiled the history of the Wolf family into a book, the draft of which is available for viewing at the Emmons County Record office.

After the service some of the family headed over to the currently unoccupied rectory to view a few original articles from St. Michael’s Church.

The family also visited the cemetery, which is part of the church grounds where Michael and Christine Wolf are buried along with several others of the extended Wolf family.

Following mass at four o’clock at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Strasburg, there was dinner at the KC Hall at five, accompanied by a program, pictures, dance and visiting.

The reunion concluded on Sunday at one o’clock with a time of visiting and food at the Wolf farm.

The Wolfs are Germans from Russia. They originated in Alsace and Baden, which was fought over hotly by France and Germany for hundreds of years.

The Wolfs migrated to the Kutschurgan area of Russia, which is around Odessa. Many years later they moved to Canada and then finally to North Dakota in 1906.

Adam and Magdalena Wolf resided on a farm in Emmons County, five miles north of Strasburg, which is now occupied by Marvin and Heidi Wolf. The Wolfs initiated St. Michael’s Church, and the building was finished in 1911. The Wolfs and other parishioners have been taking special care of the building ever since. Even at the prayer service there was some talk of donating more to St. Michael's.

Adam and Magdalena Wolf had 11 children: Magdalena, Anton, Ignatius, John, Phillipine, Mike, Christine,  Pete, Barbara, Joe and Albert. Albert is the last living child. Mike Wolf is survived by his
wife, Theresa, of Strasburg.

St. Michael's Church was initiated by the Wolfs. The building completed in 1911, the Wolfs had a very prominent place in its history, as Alvin and Rosemary Wolf recalled.
St. Michael's Church was full of Wolfs on Saturday as they gathered for prayer, singing, and a look into their roots.
From left to right, Marie Wolf Weigold, Karen and Albert Wolf. Albert is the last surviving child of Adam and Magdalena Wolf.
Alvin and Rosemary Wolf share a few memories of the family and their ties with St. Michael's Church. Alvin is the son of Paul Wolf, who was another of the ten children of Michael and Christine Wolf who left with their respective families from South Russia to come to America in 1903 to North Dakota in 1906. Five of their ten children were born in Emmons County.

Marie (left) stands next to her mother, Theresa Wolf, widow of Mike Wolf, son of Adam and Magdalena Wolf.

Albert Wolf leads the family in singing, and Kristen Vetter accompanies on the piano.
Reprinted with permission of Emmons County Record, Linton, North Dakota.

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