NDSU Libraries sponsors 20th Anniversary Homeland Tour to Ukraine and Germany

June 1, 2013

The North Dakota State University Libraries' Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce sponsorship of the 20th Anniversary Journey to the Homeland: Germany & Ukraine Tour for May 15-25, 2014. The tour includes May 16-21, Germany; Odessa, Ukraine and the former Bessarabian, Black Sea and Crimean German villages; and May 21-25, Stuttgart, Germany and Alsace, France. Leading the tour will be Michael M. Miller, Director & Bibliographer, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, Fargo.

Additional information including the tour schedule, costs and registrations are located at this webpage: library.ndsu.edu/grhc/outreach/journey/index.html.

For 2014 tour registration information and other questions, contact Michael M. Miller.
(Tel: 701-231-8416; E-mail: michael.miller@ndsu.edu).

Photographs from the Journey to the Homeland Tours

Former Catholic Church at Mannheim, Kutschurgan District (today Kamenka) near Odessa, Ukraine.
Interior of the former Catholic Church of the Assumption, Selz, Kutschurgan District (today Limanskoje) near Odessa, Ukraine.
Ukrainian Orthodox priest shows May 2003 tour members inside the former Catholic Church at Karlsruhe, Beresan District (today Kalestrovo, Ukraine).
Tour members visit bringing gifts and handmade quilts the Boarding School and Orphanage, Shirokolanova, Ukraine (former German village of Landau, Beresan District).
Former Catholic Church at Karlsruhe, Beresan District (today Kalestrovo, Ukraine).
Historic homes in Alsace, France.
(Left to right): Michael Miller, Pavel Prachuk, Elvira Zakharova, Marie Delizonna and Michael Hager. Standing at front entrance of former Catholic Church in the village of Mannheim
Outdoor market near Kutschurgan (Strassburg).
(left to right): Frank Huber, Valentine Brossart, Patricia Gabriel Belknap and Ronald Brossart walk inside the former Catholic Church in Selz.

Permission to use any images from the GRHC website may be requested by contacting Michael M. Miller