Dewald compiles new Streeter, N.D. book

January 27, 2011

NDSU Libraries’ Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, Fargo is pleased to announce the publication of "Streeter Descendants Then ‘Til Now’” by Sandi Dewald.

The book contains almost 8,000 entries of people living or having roots in Streeter, ND.  Entry information may include last name, first name, maiden name, spouse, children, parents, birth dates, marriage dates and death dates.

Dewald is a life-long resident of Streeter, a Germans from Russia descendant and a local historian. She attributes her inspiration to her father, Bennie Dewald, “we’d often visit about the many people of Streeter and wonder when they were here, who their relatives were or when they died. I thought it would be a fairly easy project to just type the information on the computer and put it in alphabetical order. Little did I know how much work it would take and how large and complex it would become. This book is a collection of people who have been a part of Streeter or of Streeter descendants as well as my family. I used Centennial Books, Jubilee Books, Family History Books, Streeter School Annuals, obituaries, newspapers, word of mouth, church history books, the internet and any other source I could.”

Copies of this book are available for $65. To order the book, contact Jeremy Kopp, Special Collections Associate, at (701) 231-6596 or

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