Germans from Russia Heritage Collection publishes cookbook with 90 year-old cook

October 4, 2012

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection’s cookbook compiles lifetime of experience

When it came to cooking, Alma (Janke) Schott knew how to do it right. Now cooks will have the chance to learn from her nearly 90 years of experience in the kitchen.

North Dakota State University Libraries’ Germans from Russia Heritage Collection will release “Alma’s Favorite Recipes: Cooking and Memories from a German-Russian Farm Kitchen.” Schott died Oct. 7, and the cookbook’s debut coincides with what would have been her 90th birthday.

The cookbook will debut at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase events in Fargo Nov. 16-18 and Bismarck, N.D., Nov. 30-Dec. 2.

Schott’s baking was well known in south-central North Dakota. She often baked the wedding cakes for two generations of local residents.

Growing up on a German-Russian farm between Fredonia and Gackle, N.D., Schott helped wherever it was needed. She learned to bake and cook when she was eight or nine years old and it became an important part of her life. She credited her mother to being her home economics teacher.

“The cookbook features recipes prepared in Schott’s beloved German-Russian farm kitchen,” said Michael M. Miller, director of the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. “A pinch of this, a little of that, a dash here. Here’s a cookbook decoding the recipes that were crafted, created and perfected over many years. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pie crust or a borscht recipe, this cookbook is sure to please.”

Evon J. Dewald, retired teacher and librarian, said “This book is absolutely charming. The reader feels as though the author and reader are having a good cup of coffee and a delightful visit. I felt as though I was watching my grandmother and mom baking in their kitchens, and explaining to me how these wonderful family favorites were made. Certainly this recipe book is a happy read.”

The cookbook can be pre-ordered online at or by calling 701-231-6596.

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