NDSU Libraries publishes new book, East German Fate by the Black Sea

June 20, 2003

The NDSU Libraries is pleased to announce publication of this most important 532-page book, "East German Fate by the Black Sea". The book was translated from German to English by Ilona Richey, with editing by Ted J. Becker and Corinne D. Becker.

In the Dedication, Ted J. Becker writes: "Dr. Johannes Florian Mller stands tall with the many others who have written about the Germans from Krasna, Emmental and Karamurat, as well as, of the Dobrudscha region of East Romania and its German inhabitants. These Germans inhabited this region from the mid 19th Century until the early 1940s. His scope is vast, his insight is deep, his research is thorough. His years in prison tempered his will to do what he could to preserve in the daunting task of trying to preserve as much as possible the heritage of Germans of these villages. His work reflects all aspects of the life of this unique group of people and stands as a milepost in preservation efforts.

Part One of Land and People includes: 1) The Dobrudscha; 2) The German Settlements in the Dobrudscha Region; 3) The Catholic Communities on the Black Sea; 4) Ancestral Homeland and Immigration; 5) Karamurat; 6) The Church; 7) Priests and Nuns from Karamurat; 8) the Resettlement of the Dobrudscha Germans in 1940; 9) Life in Camp, Resettlement and Flight; 10) Victims of World War II from Dobrudscha, 1940-1945; 11) The Second Resettlement from Dobrudscha, 1947; 12) Organization and Auxiliaries of Dobrudscha Germans; 13) The Dobrudscha Germans in Canada; 14) Immigration to Brazil; and 15) The Dobrudscha Germans in the United States and Canada.

Part Two of Culture and Customs includes: 1) The German Farmer of Dobrudscha; 2) Church Customs; 3) Church and Worldly Festivities; and 4) German Tradition and Folksong.

The book contains many photographs and listings of names. The book contains sections of Land and People, Culture and Customs, Songs of the Dobrudscha Germans, Songs from Karamurat, Poems, Fairy Tales and Stories, Family Trees and Family Chronicles, Remarks and Source Material, and Pictures from the Dobrudscha.

To order "East German Fate by the Black Sea", send $60 plus $5 postage payable to NDSU Library. Mail to: Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, East German Fate by the Black Sea Book, NDSU Libraries, PO Box 5599, Fargo, ND 58105-5599. Website address to order
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