Press release: Canada’s Best Selling Author touring Dakota Libraries with award winning book, I Am Hutterite

Reclaiming A Heritage:
“I Am Hutterite” explores the hidden world of Hutterites and unveils an extraordinary story from a culture that has been dubbed “the best kept secret in North America”

With a raw openness, Mary-Ann Kirkby takes us on a journey of self discovery in her spirited book, I Am Hutterite: The Fascinating True Story of a Young Woman’s Journey to Reclaim Her Heritage.

The Hutterite people practice a communal way of life that is modeled after the biblical teachings of Christ and the Apostles. There are approximately 45,000 Hutterites on 460 colonies in North America. Because of their adherence to the biblical admonition ―be ye in the world, but not of the world, few outsiders have ever been privy to the details of the Hutterite way of life… until now.

I Am Hutterite has captivated readers opening a window on a way of life that most of us know nothing about. Kirkby reveals her secret past on a Hutterite colony in Canada where she had what she considers an unusual but privileged childhood. "I learned very quickly that my culture had no value in mainstream society," writes Kirkby. "Our clothing was ridiculed and our lifestyle treated with suspicion. No one understood that beneath the black hats and polka dots lay a beautiful language, a wonderful work ethic and the best cottage cheese pie in the world."
From the first page of, I Am Hutterite, Kirkby masterfully provides readers with poignant insights into the daily life of a much misunderstood culture sweeping them away in the beauty and richness of the Hutterite culture before plunging them into the despair of leaving.

"We didn’t know how to swim or skate or ride a bicycle. We had never tasted pizza, macaroni and cheese, or a banana split – rites of passage in mainstream society," Kirkby writes.

Kirkby embarks on a mission to reinvent herself and blends her gifted storytelling history into a career as an award-winning television reporter. She received notable acclaim in the first edition of I Am Hutterite, published in Canada with outstanding reviews and awards. Now she is teaming with Thomas Nelson Publishers to bring her captivating story to the United States.

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