NDSU Libraries publishes new book on growing up in German-Russian family

March 15, 2003

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce publication of "South Dakota Pioneers: And So It Goes: As I Remember", by Gottlieb (Bud) Bieber.

In the Forward, Ronald Bieber writes: "Even though he kept quite busy just e-mailing friends and family, there was lurking in that fertile brain an author waiting to come out. The fruits of that endeavor resulted in this book, a labor of love and a legacy to be treasured for years and generations to come".

Gottlieb Bieber shares his story beginning with the 1920s: The Wedding; Mother's Role at the Wedding; The Heinrich Bieber Family; The Strobel Family; The Last of the Big Weddings; and the Day of Reckoning; 1930s: From Memory; The Percherons; It's the Olds, Wanda; The Streak; On a Sunday Night; Teaching Country School; and the Best Thanksgiving; 1940s: Heres Comes Sally; The Dam; Union Station; Joe Dimaggio; Top-Flight Sailor; 1950s: Her Last Days; The Year 2000: German Roots.

About the Author

Gottlieb (Bud) Bieber was born on March 12, 1919 to Heinrich and Katherina Bieber on the Bieber farm near Eureka, South Dakota. His ancestors originated in Germany and immigrated to Russia during the manifesto of Czar Alexander I, grandson of Catherine the Great. They ultimately immigrated to the United States and settled on a farm in South Dakota. Heinrich and Katherina came to the United States when they were nine years old. Gottlieb worked for Western Electric in Chicago, Illinois. He is since retired and residing in Chicago. "And So It Goes..." is his first book.

To purchae this book, send $25 plus $4 postage payable to NDSU Library. Mail to: Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, PO Box 5599, Fargo, ND 58105-5599. Website to order the book is: library.ndsu.edu/grhc/order/nd_sd/bieber.html.

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