Germans from Russia Food History Project Receives Award from SHSND

(October 30 – Napoleon, ND) – A project to preserve the food culture of the Germans from Russia in a tri-county area of North Dakota has been awarded $5,000 from the North Dakota State Historical Society in Bismarck.

The special projects grant to the Tri-County Tourism Alliance will be used to collect oral histories, recipes, photographs and record video interviews focused on Emmons County, McIntosh County and Logan County Germans from Russia.

Language, religion and skills from this culture are slowly being lost as younger generations migrate from shrinking farms and rural communities. Funding will assist in the costs of collecting and preserving the stories of life on the plains relating to how families fed themselves. Information will include recipes, photographs and memories of topics such as cooking, making sausage, collecting eggs, gardening, food for celebrations and survival in the unpredictable North Dakota climate. Artifacts and histories will be catalogued and stored within the three counties.

Interviews have begun and will continue into August of 2012. Members of the Tri-County Tourism Alliance will be available for presentations on the topic. Preserving the German-Russian way of life in early North Dakota is just one project supported by the Tri-County Tourism Alliance, a nonprofit heritage tourism organization. The organization is also accepting donations to continue the project and create additional materials for its tourism efforts.

If you are interested in submitting recipes; stories; being interviewed or video taped; or making a donation to the project, please contact either Sue Balcom – 701-527-5169 or or Carmen Rath-Wald – 701-754-2504 or

Permission to use any images from the GRHC website may be requested by contacting Michael M. Miller