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Interview Photograph #1
Calvin K. Fercho
Photographed by Will Clark
[27 April 2005]
Interview Photograph #2
Calvin K. Fercho
Photographed by Will Clark
[27 April 2005]
The Family
This photograph was taken outside the family home in 1931.  Calvin K. Fercho is about six years old and his older brother is about ten years old.  During his interview, Calvin K. Fercho pointed out that everyone was dressed in their Sunday best.
The Fercho Boys
Calvin K. Fercho (about 2 years old) with his older brother (about 7 or 8 years old) standing in front of their house in Lehr, North Dakota
"My Mother as a Child"- by Calvin K. Fercho
Calvin K. Fercho's mother with two of her five sisters
(left to right) Lydia, Martha, and Emma
"Sitting on a Piano Bench"- by Calvin K. Fercho
"Here is a very handsome, good looking little fellow, who looks like he might be about two-years-old sitting on a piano bench" - by Calvin K. Fercho
Graduation Photograph
Calvin K. Fercho's college graduation photograph

John Fercho
Calvin K. Fercho's grandfather (his father's father) during the mid to late 1920s

Fercho Brothers
Calvin K. Fercho's father and his brother with their wives in the 1940s or 1950s
Back Row (left to right): Gottlieb Fercho and Fred Fercho
Front Row (left to right): Sophia and Lydia

16 Eye Surgeons
16 of 23 eye surgeons who were recognized in the House of Representatives on 8 April 1987 for their contributions to modern cataract surgery. Calvin K. Fercho is in the back row, fourth from the right.

My Patient
A patient who had a fish hook removed from his eye and later served in the US Air Force.
My Associate
Dr. G. A. Larson and son, George Larson (an associate of Dr. Calvin K. Fercho)
This painting hangs in the home office of Calvin K. Fercho, and depicts his life's work - ophthalmology

Basketball #1
State Independent Basketball Champions [1947]

Basketball #2
State Independent Basketball Champions [1948]
"Children of Fred & Eva (Hoffman) Aman 1923" - by Calvin K. Fercho
Back Row (left to right): Gottlieb Aman (b. 1889, Dakota Territory), Jacob Aman (b. 1884, Russia), Henry Aman (b. 1880, Russia), and John Aman (b. 1879, Russia)
Front Row (left to right): Emma (Aman) Zimmerman (b. 1894, South Dakota), Rose (Aman) Lehr Winter (b. 1887, Dakota Territory), Eva (Amen) Lehr (b. 1882, Russia), Christine (Aman) Weber (b. 1876, Russia)
"Burgdorf, South Russia; Eureka, SD; Lehr, ND" - by Calvin K. Fercho;

Father & Son
Calvin K. Fercho holding a portrait of a World War I solider - his father, Fred Fercho

Medals of Honor
Medals of Fred Fercho [Calvin K. Fercho's father] from World War I
North Dakota State University Medal
Calvin K. Fercho was awarded a medallion for his "extraordinary generosity, leadership, and personal commitment to North Dakota State University"
1979 Award
"Presented to Calvin K. Fercho, M.D. In Recognition of His Service As Chief of Staff Of St. John's Hospital Fargo, North Dakota 1979"

Photographs (1-20)

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