Dakota Memories Oral History Project

Conference Paper Presentation(s)

  • Isern, Tom and Jessica Clark. "The Germans from Russia in Saskatchewan: An Oral History." Western Social Science Association Conference, Calgary, AB, Canada, April 2007.
  • Clark, Jessica. "‘Beauty on the Plains’: Germans from Russia Remember Growing up on the Northern Plains." Northern Great Plains History Conference, Brandon, MB, Canada, September 2008.
  • Clark, Jessica. "‘Captain May I Take One Elephant Step’: German-Russian Childhood Fun." Western Social Science Association Conference, Phoenix, AZ, 2006.
  • Clark, Jessica. "The German-Russian Story: Reconstructing Identity through Oral Histories." Organization of American Historians, Seattle, WA, March 2009.
  • Clark, Jessica. "A History Overlooked by Academic Historians: Germans from Russia on the Northern Plains." Dakota Conference, Sioux Falls, SD, 2005.
  • Clark, Jessica. "‘Hope for Tomorrow’: Holiday Traditions Shape German-Russian Identity." Western Social Science Association Conference, Denver, CO, April 2008.
  • Clark, Jessica "‘More than a Photo’: Germans from Russia Reflect upon Their Grandparents." Oral History Association Annual Meeting, Little Rock, AK, October 2006.
  • Clark, Jessica. "‘Somebody had to stay Home’: Never-ending Chores and Responsibilities." Western Social Science Association, Albuquerque, NM, April 2009.


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