Knoephla Soup Recipe

Dale J. Leach, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

After viewing the knoephla soup recipe on the website, reminded me of how my mother would fix this for me when I was a small lad back in the late 40's on our farm in Michigan. I am now 65 years old and my mother passed away in 1966. Now she would stew up tomatoes, adding just a little sugar (but not too much). She would fix the knoephla as directed in your recipe, but would not roll it up like a rope. She dropped it by tablespoons into the stewed tomatoes and let it cook awhile. I believe, if I remember right, that she also added onions and salt and pepper to the tomatoes while they were cooking. Just before she served it she would add chunks of cheese to the pot, but would not let it melt completely, that kind of cheese that would have long strings to it when you tried to pick it up with a spoon. I cannot remember what kind of cheese it was, but in those days, we didn't have super markets, just country grocery stores. They kept the cheese on a platter with a glass dome over it, and they would cut off what you wanted. I don't even know if you can buy that kind of cheese now-a-days. I loved this, and wished that mom had made more of it when I was a lad. Just wanted to let you know our version of it, as my mother was from a German family. Thanks.

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