Volga Germans foods from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photographs and text courtesy of Fabian Zubia Schultheis, Buenos Aires, Argentina, January, 2013

Matteklees are the Volga German name for cheese buttons/kase knepfla in Argentina.
Matteklees are dough pockets filled with ricotta cheese, raisins, onion and bread.
Matteklees are usually served with butter-browned croutons sprinkled on top.
Platter of Matteklees with cream and buttered croutons made by Elba Schultheis Schlotthauer, mother of photographer Fabian Zubia Schultheis.


Volga German Strudel simmered in meat stew Argentina Style.
Argentinian strudel dough is basted with melted butter and stretched thinly before rolled into a long rope.
Rolled Strudel is dredged in flour and coiled before cooking.
The coiled strudel is cooked by placing it on top of hot chicken or pork stew, covered and simmered until done.
The cooked Strudel is cut into serving pieces and served with the stew. Delicious!


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