Anise Schnapps

From my cousin Marie Just Feist, Faribault, Minnesota, came an Anise
Schnapps recipe and a wonderful Apple Schnapps recipe

Anise Schnapps:

Brown 1 1/4 C white sugar until light brown. Add 1 quart of boiling water and stir
well. Add 2 tsp. of Anise flavoring
and desired amount of 190 proof Everclear.

Apple Schnapps:

Boil 1 gallon Apple Cider, 1 quart Apple Juice and 3 or 4 sticks of Cinnamon for 15
minutes. Add 1 cup of white sugar.
Boil another 15 minutes. Cool and add 1/2 liter of 190 proof Everclear. Several
friends have made this recipe and
declare it is the best they have tasted.


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