German Blachinda

Jovita, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

I didn't realize this was a German recipe.

My mom always made these when I was growing up and just tried my hand at them for the first time last week.

Didn't know they had a name other than 'pumpkin things,' as they're called in my family.

We use a basic white bread dough, rolled out to about 1/8-1/4 inch.

The filling is ground pumpkin, onion, salt, dash of sugar (I think my mom said about 1/4 cup for a med/lg pumpkin and of course pepper (my husband and siblings aren't keen, but my mom and I agree the more pepper, the better.)

As you can see, we never really measure anything, but with this recipe it's not so crucial.

To appease my husband last week, I also mixed up a batch of browned ground pork, chopped apple and onion and fresh sage. Went down a real treat.

Happy baking,


P.S. I also have my mom's tried and true recipes for Pfefferneuse and Spritzkebackenes if anyone's interested. (Both are staple Christmas cookies in our house.)

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