Adeline Sanoy, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

My Mom made dampfnudelen, she used a yeast dough. this was usually a treat we had on baking day. The dough was shaped into small, approximately walnut sized balls and let rise for a little while. Meanwhile a heavy pot/pan with a tight fitting lid was put on the stove and some water, salt and a bit of butter/shortening added. the dumplings were dropped in and the lid popped on. It took about 20 min or so cooking time, until all the water was evaporated and the dumplings cooked through. (Do not peek or they will set. At our house they were served with cooked prunes or plums over them.

I don't make them often because the old wood stove seemed to do the best job of cooking them.

We call the next dish Kaise Knoephla or cheese buttons. My mother used to make them with a dry cottage cheese to which she had added salt, pepper, onions, dill, or garlic, as desired.

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