Patrica Maranda, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

You can use any bread dough recipe to make these. If you want you can buy the frozen bread dough at the store. You should put the dough, in the shape of buns, in the frying pan with the grease before they rise for the last time.

Once they have risen, fill the pan with water to the top but not so it will splash out when cooking. You should be able to get 12 in an electric frying pan. Cook for 20 minutes until you hear the grease crackling. Do not peak or take the lid off until done. My sister says she opens the vent on the lid of the frying pan after she hears the crackling noise to let out the steam.

Prune sauce
1 package dried prunes
brown sugar to taste

Put prunes in pot on stove, add enough water to cover prunes and then some. Add sugar to taste. Simmer until prunes are cooked.

We used two forks when we ate these. If you use a knife the dough will all go together and then they won't be nice and fluffy.

I hope everyone can understand these recipes.

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