Kuchen Questions Asked Youth During Schmeckfest

Jundt, Wanda. "Kuchen Questions Asked Youth During Schmeckfest." Northwest Blade, 11 October 2000, 3.

Just before Schmeckfest the Eureka Community Development Company sponsored an essay contest for second and third graders in the Eureka Elementary School.

Students were given three topics and asked to write on two of them. The three questions were: l. What is kuchen? 2. Tell your favorite flavor of kuchen and why it is your favorite? 3. Explain how to bake the perfect kuchen. The six winning essays are reprinted here:

The perfect kuchen needs to be made from a very special German recipe. The best kuchen is usually made by old German women. They make it the best. My grandma can make the perfect kuchen. She has made a lot of kuchen for many years because my grandpa could eat it every day. My grandma has had a lot of practice making kuchen and that is how to make the perfect kuchen. You have to practice for 25-50 years.

What is kuchen? Kuchen is a German dessert that anyone will like! My mom is a Norwegian and she likes it, too! It is like a pizza when you make it, but it is made with fruit and custard. Kuchen is also the state dessert.
Hilary Krein, 3rd Grade, 2000 Kuchen Princess

The perfect kuchen made by: Put 1 1/2 cups of sugar and 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips and 1 cup of milk in a bowl and mix. Then put your crust around the mix. Bake mix for 1 minute at 300 degrees for one minute. Now it's done.

My favorite flavor of kuchen is chocolate because I really like chocolate.
Mathew Weinzirl, 2nd Grade, 2000 Kuchen Prince

Question 2. My favorite kind of kuchen is carmel kuchen because I love carmel.

Kuchen is the state's favorite dessert. Kuchen is basicly crust different kinds of fruit custard and filing.
David Deumier, 3rd Grade

My favorite flavor of kuchen is peach, because that was the first piece of kuchen I liked best. Peach is also my favorite fruit.

Kuchen is a German dessert made of pudding and from fruit and sugar. The pudding and fruit is put on a crust of dough. Kuchen is also the state dessert.
Jeffrey Mettler

You roll the kuchen dough, put in pan then make the custard, then add favorite type of filling. Then bake kuchen. Cool it, cut it up and find a friend to share it with. Chocolate chip kuchen. I had it when it was my mom's class reunion and it was very, very good because I ate it with my family.
Charlotte M. Reineke

First you put flour on the table. Then you roll the dough into a flat circle. Then you put the dough in a pan. Then you put the filling in the pan. Now you can take any kind of fruit you like and put it in the pan. Now you can put cinnamon on top. Then you bake it. Raisin kuchen is my favorite because my grandma makes it.
Frankie Lux

Reprinted with permission of Northwest Blade.

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