Kartoffeln Glase

Jacquie Jones

Slice 4 potatoes into large cubes, boil in a large kettle of salt water until almost done.

While potatoes are boiling, mix together the following:
2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon of baking powder (my mom added the baking powder, but her mom did not)

Add enough water to make a medium batter.

This makes a dumpling (or the glase). Drop dumplings by tablespoon into boiling potatoes. Cook until dumpings float to top or are not doughy. Drain.

Fried option: Brown 1 diced onion in butter. Add potatoes and dumplings to onion. Cook until slightly browned. Serve.

Creamed option: After draining dumplings, put into serving bowl. Brown 1 diced onion in butter. Add 1 pint sour cream. Heat until warmed. Pour over dumpling and potatoes. Cube 6 sliced of bread. Toast bread cubes in melted butter. Put on top of dumplings.

This is a meal we still eat on a regular basis here in Ellis County (Hays). In fact just yesterday. My mother, who is 64, makes them a little different. She fries them in a cast iron skillet and adds fried green onions and bread, Schmeltz. Many areas around here do add the cream depending on which village you are from. Visit Hays, Kansas, and its surrounding villages where the history of the Volga-German people is still very much alive and practiced.

Kevin Rupp

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