Mary J. Heartd, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

First of all, add Fruit Fresh (otherwise known as citric acid) to the potatoes as you grate them beginning with a sprinkling in the bowl before the grating begins. Just as with fruit, it prevents the unappetizing darkening of the potato. Start with a tablespoonful but more may be added as needed. Citric acid being a natural ingredient is not like adding an artificial ingredient and will not change the taste of the finished product. Besides, it adds vitamin C. Use a food processor for quick grating.

One or two tablespoons of cornstarch may be added to thicken the batter and prevent it from running everywhere, add more as desired. The rest of the proportions are good, one egg to one potato. I plan on one large potato or two small potatoes for each person.

For breakfast serve with applesauce, apple butter, honey, or any jelly or syrup as with any other pancake.

For lunch add grated onion to the batter or top with chopped green onions with tops, finely chopped bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, etc., and/or grated cheese. One of our favorites is the grated cheese mix sold for use in tacos.


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