Lloyd Friederick, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

How we made Lemonade for the visit to the Country Fair in Saskatchewan

My mother's instructions

1. Get the best cream can and fill 3/4 with cold water.
2. Now you kids be sure to wash the can again and DON'T fill it from the water trough, use the pump.
3. Go to the "ice-house" and get a couple of blocks of ice, no small pieces.
4. I will cut 6 oranges and 12 lemons into quarters, I'll squeeze them a bit as I put them in the can.
5. About a half a pound of sugar should sweeten it enough for you.
6. Fred, [my Dad] put some extra wire on the lid, remember it came loose last time.
7. And tie it down good with that rope to the running board of the Model A.
8. You kids can use that extra nickel to buy something good for you, those bottles of soda pop aren't good for you, they put all kinds of funny stuff in it.

Did I get it right, Roland?

Lloyd Friedrick on Vancouver Island in British Columbia

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