Liver Sausage

Recipe of Daun Beyer, Calgary

10 lb of 20% pork liver (80% beef liver) boiled.

For 50 lb batch, mix together:

  • 10 lb boiled liver
  • 20 lb hog jowels
  • 20 lb good pork
  • Seasoning (see below)

Seasoning mix:

  • 1 g pepper per lb of meat
  • 6.5 g salt per lb of meat (see notes on recipe above)
  • 4 cloves garlic well blended
Put in casing and bring slowly to 160° F.  Or you can seal in pint jars.

More notes on recipes above, from Milton Darr:

  • For liver sausage, the pork/beef mix is important to keep the sausage from being too greasy (pork liver) or too dry (beef liver)
  • Other spices can be added to the recipe such as mustard seeds, onion flakes, etc.  Get creative, but taste before you cook and be aware that the flavors will intensify during cooking (i.e., careful with the salt!).  If the flavors are too strong after cooking, they will often mellow out with time, but try to err on the side of less seasoning as opposed to too much. 
  • For all pork treats, it is essential that the meat be cleaned and rinsed impeccably; otherwise will get that “pig” flavor that turns people off. 

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