Ohlberg Sausage

Arnold and Donna Wallender, Medford, Oregon, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

We are able to attest to excellence of the "Ohlberg Sausage." This is gourmet "soul food." Before retiring to Oregon, during our career years in the Central Valley of California we made regular visits to the Ohlberg Market in Fresno to stock up on their meat products. In the interlude between the Ohlberg Market closing and our discovering the availability of this sausage at Renna's Meat Market, to get our fix we searched far and wide for a sausage that might be comparable to this cuisine. Everything we tried paled in comparison. We've lived in North Dakota (native's thereof), Kansas, Ohio, Illinois and even "sausage heaven" Germany and have not found anything to come even close to the Ohlberg Sausage. Now that we live in Oregon, when we visit our daughter in Los Osos, CA we often have an ice chest on board to fill up with sausage on a swing through Fresno.

While on the subject, we have discovered a place in Texas that produces out-of-this-world German smoke-dried-sausage (some people call it jerky, which is like calling a Mercedes by the name Yugo). We were introduced to this by California friends who are native to a Germans from Alsace-Lorraine enclave near San Antonio. About once each year we send a check to a meat market in Lacoste, Texas and have them ship us a supply of their tantalizing smoke-dried meat fare.

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