Peppernuts - Where to find Baking Ammonia?

Rev. Darell T. Weist, Los Angeles, California, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

Well, the Peppernuts are all finished and are now drying. I use a recipe similar to the ones on the Website but it was my Mother's. She always completely encased the cookie in liquid powered sugar and then when the tops are dry the bottom is sealed. I do the same. The shelve life of these cookies are great. I still have a few from last year and they are as good as the fresh ones. My mother during World War II made and sold Peppernuts.

In either 1943 or 1944 she made 25 batches using the inside of a donut cutter so the batch made 400+. They were all encased in liquid powered sugar and sealed. They were bought by families and sent to service people around the world because they are were such good keepers. Also since honey can be substituted for some or all of the sugar and there is very little shortening in them it is a good wartime cookie. They have proved to be perfect for travel around the world in wartime. I have been making them and giving them away now for 25 years.

My question is I found he Ammonia or Ammonium Cookie recipe which Janet had in the Website. I had forgotten about this cookie. I would like to make it but cannot find in Los Angeles any place which sells Baker's Ammonia. Does any one know of a place in your town or on the WEB where I can find it?

Let me know.

Here is an answer to this proverbial question -- where can folks find Baking Ammonia?

Look at this King Arthur Flour website for baking ammonia --

Look under Catalogue -- then Ingredients -- then Miscellaneous.

Send a sample of your cookie or a copy of your recipe...!!

Mary Lynn Axtman

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